Saturday, April 15, 2017


C.A.P. 1600cc Live Axle 
Sporting Trials car

It's a totally rebuilt, re-engined, car. 
Ready to use tomorrow.

It's a live axle car with a 1600cc Rover K series engine.

I have stripped and rebuilt the whole car over the past two years, replacing or repairing anything that needed it.  There is a blog about it which can be read here if you have a few hours to spare.

It has newly fitted:

- Rover 1.6 litre K series engine
- Competition alternator.
- Canems Electronic ignition ECU and MAP sensor
- Rewired
- Proper bulkhead

- All new rose joints
- Kingpins
- Steering rack
- Sump guard
- Rear wheels and tyres
- Rear brake discs
- Rear brake master cylinders
- Rear coil-shocks
- Front tyres
- Front and rear brake pads
- Temperature gauge
- Oil pressure gauge
- Electric cooling fan and thermo switch

The whole frame has been stripped and primed and repainted. This allowed me to check the condition of the steel. I had to replace most of the lower chassis rails. 

I've recently installed the Rover 1.6 litre K series engine.
This engine has done 47,000 road miles and has no issues. The cooling system works perfectly.
The oil pressure is good with 40 psi hot.  New timing belt, adjuster and water pump have been fitted
Unlike many trials cars it doesn't lay a smoke screen behind it.
It runs on petrol using an SU clone (ISO) carb.
I've installed a closed-loop cooling system and a proper bulkhead.
It has custom made exhaust and inlet manifolds.

The front axle has Kawasaki brakes and Suzuki alloy wheels.
It has a brand new, shortened, Mini steering rack and track rod ends. The steering gives true Ackerman angle.
The rear axle has Ford Fiesta brake discs and calipers.
The diff is an English 5.83:1 (The gearing overall is 21:1)
It has a Fack gearbox (Talbot) with intermediate gear between 1st and 2nd.
The suspension is Hagon coil-over shockers front and rear. The rears have just been replaced and moved further inboard.
It's now running tubeless rear wheels. No punctures since I changed.

There is nothing to do to it, except pour some petrol into the tank.

The trailer is legal, 1000Kgs GTW, with brakes and good tyres.

I am willing to listen to offers but, bearing in mind the time I have spent on this car, I am not ... "pumping up the tyres for someone else to ride the bike".

You may have something I could see as a (non-trialling) project for a P/X.

The Trailer is available  if you need it.
I will not sell the trailer on its own as I rather fancy keeping it for myself.